Saturday, November 27, 2010

Still Day One ....

My sewing room is still a mess (I did think about sorting some of it out today ... then I thought about something else). Tomorrow. I swear. I really do. Honest.

In the meantime, I've changed the look of my blog already. I like this a lot better. It reminds me of one of the fabrics in a mystery quilt I'm working.

What's a mystery quilt you ask? A mystery quilt is a quilt pattern that you only get one piece of directions at a time. First you're told how many fabrics and how much of each you need. Then you're told how to cut it all. Then you start getting the piecing directions one step at a time. Somewhere down the road, you have a finished quilt top but you won't know what it's going to look like until it's all done. They're a lot of fun. On the down side, I already know what this quilt will look like since I'm in charge of it for our Guild! But I'm having just as much fun getting to see everyone else's fabrics and answer questions.

Tomorrow's "learning" for blogging will be how to include photos in the posts.

For now, I'd like to show you a neat little website run by Moda Fabrics. Loads of free patterns for lots of quilty stuff - projects big and small, and all of them easy! Have a look, I'm sure Moda won't mind:

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