Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day One on My Blog - Why I'm here and my Etsy shop

Hi and welcome to my blog. Blogging is new to me so pardon me while I figure all this design stuff out to pretty it up.

I'm here because quilting is my passion and I want to share it with others. And I want to promote my Etsy shop - PlumpPeacock - to you. As well as quilted things, there are knitted things in the shop. I like knitting, but I like quilting more.

I won't bore anybody with nothing but pictures of new listings in my shop. Instead, I hope to not bore you with all kinds of things mostly about quilting. I'll show you my projects in progress, things I'd like to do in the future, techniques I've learned and techniques I want to learn, and share my adventures in quilting. I'm a member of two quilting guilds: The Sunshine Quilters Guild of Grand Forks, BC (and this year I'm the secretary of the guild) and a guild in Republic, WA.

Sometimes quilting goes very slowly for me even though I try to do some every day. That's because our home is blessed with four dogs and four cats ... yeah, you're right, I must be nuts.

So two things today. First, try to pop in to my Etsy shop for a look at some of my work. And second, come back again soon to see what's on my cutting table and sewing table now.


  1. Thanks hunny bun ("B" is my husband Bud).

  2. Looks good! Blogging can be pretty fun.

    It will be cool to see some projects of yours.