Monday, November 29, 2010

Custom Work - To Do or Not To Do

I quilt because I love it. It's an expensive hobby, and that's why I sell some of my pieces. Recently a few people have asked about custom work ...

I'm working on my first custom-made quilt now. It's a sweet flannelette rag quilt for an expected grandbaby (not mine!). The fabric is cute little pink and blue birds, stripes and dots and there's an inset quilted giraffe and flower panel - yup photos would be great ... they're coming.

This quilt is fun to make but at the same time, the pressure's on to get it done for my client when she wants it. Yes, it will get done on time but it does cut into the time I could spend on creating other pieces. Yes, I will be paid for my work which helps ease the impatience to get to other projects somewhat and it will help pay for those projects. This begs the question, is it worth it to me to take on custom orders?

I think the answer, for me, is yes. Not only do I get to quilt, I can make something special that someone will cherish a long time and maybe it'll even become an heirloom. I may learn a new technique or method as I make a custom quilt (like I am with the rag quilt - I've never made one before). Whether the custom piece is big or small, simple or complicated, I can help support my addiction ... umm ... quilting with it.

There is a risk to custom orders. My client might not be thrilled with the finished quilt - perhaps it isn't what they envisioned or the fabrics don't work together as the client hoped - and decide they don't want it after all.

But that's OK. The world becomes just a slightly better place whenever any handmade quilt is finished.

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