Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Rag Quilt is ON THE DESIGN WALL !!!!

Today I finished putting together the last of the blocks for the rag quilt, and quilted the giraffe and flower panel. Now all the pieces are on the design wall. (Note: the design wall is the flannel back side of a cheap vinyl tablecloth hung on the wall. Hey, whatever works, eh?) A few words before you get to the pictures. First, this layout is of the pieces only. There is no ragging yet, so it'll definitely look different when it's finished. Second, ignore the little bits of crookedness - that's my pinning!

So here's the whole quilt laid out ready to join together and rag:

And here's a close-up of the giraffe and flower panel, which is free-motion outline quilted:

A word of advice if you ever make a flannel rag quilt - clean your machine often. It's amazing how much flannel lint builds up around and on the foot, the needle, the bobbin and the bobbin case.

Tomorrow I'll be joining all these pieces. At that point the quilt will look like a quilt with the seams "inside out". Those inside out seams (they show on the front) and the edges of the quilt will then get clipped every 1/4 inch, the whole thing goes in the laundry a few times and voila! Rag quilt.

I hope the Grandma-to-be who commissioned this quilt likes it!

More pics tomorrow.

Cheery quilting!

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